Are Razor’s Electric Scooters for Kids the Best?

Anonymous waist down image of young man in the park leaning on his electric scooter

Although founded only 20 years ago, it’s a safe bet to assume that most people have heard of Razor. They quickly made a name for themselves as an American designer and manufacturer of scooters, bikes, and personal transporters. Chances are if you have a scooter in your garage, it’s a Razor. While undeniably popular, you’re obviously asking the question, are Razor’s electric rides the very best scooters for kids, or is it just hype?

What is an Electric Scooter?

First things first, what is an electric scooter? Scooter companies like Razor make multiple types of scooters for different age groups, skill levels, and stunt interest. The most popular types are 3-wheeled scooters, 2-wheeled, pro/stunt scooters, caster scooters, off-road scooters, and electric scooters.

An electric scooter has an electric motor that is powered by a rechargeable battery. They are wider, heavier, and sturdier than a kick scooter, so that balance is maintained as the speed picks up. The speed is thrilling for kids that are a little older, and they do not have to manually kick to ride.

Why Choose Razor?

While there is an abundance of choices and companies out there, we keep coming back to Razor. They sell big wheel electric scooters, power core electric scooters, and chain motor electric scooters. Their electric scooters are marketed for a wide age range, from 8 years olds to teenagers to adults.

Razor electric scooters are more budget-friendly than some other companies, starting at $129 for younger children. Razor is well-known for its quality, longevity, and commitment to putting out great products. Their electric scooters also have limited mechanics, making them easier to take care of.

Whether you want to purchase your child’s first electric scooter or you want a standing or seated electric for yourself, Razor has a wide variety of possibilities.

Razor Electric Scooters

If you’re looking for an electric scooter for a child that is 8 or older, one of the most popular choices is the Turbo A Electric Scooter. They’re simple to use and foot-activated for a smooth, fun, fast ride. It will go 10 mph for about 25-40 minutes before needing to be recharged. You can purchase an additional Turbo battery for longer use.

One of the top-selling Razor electric scooters for adults can travel as fast as 18 mph over a distance of 15 miles. They are foldable, lightweight, and small enough to carry on to public transportation. They’re fun for around the neighborhood, covering long distances in cities quickly, or for use on college campuses. Another bonus is that Razor scooters are available at many major retailers, on Amazon, and on their own website.

Simply put, there’s a reason that Razor is the first name that comes to mind when you think of scooters. Their electric scooters reflect their commitment to durability, reliability, and family-friendly products. Don’t forget to grab a Razor helmet while you’re at it!