5 Tips for keeping your kid safe in the bathroom

mother an child in the bathroom

Kids like to play, and when they are not running away from bath time, they are splashing around in the tub with the floatable toys. But with many home accidents occurring in bathrooms, you must take some steps as a parent or guardian to protect your children. You will find in this post some of the steps you need to guarantee their safety. 

Here are 5 bathroom safety tips for kids:

  1. Invest in a quality non-slip mat
  2. Install grab bars in your tub or on your shower door
  3. Purchase a climber
  4. Install a bathroom door lock
  5. Adequate supervision

5 bathroom safety tips for children

Invest in a quality non-slip mat

The last thing you want in a bathroom used by children is a throw rug. They can easily come away from under their feet and are a slip hazard. The alternative is to purchase a non-slip mat that offers your kids more grip and, as a result, better protection from the slippery floor. You can go some steps further by installing the latest kids bathroom or splurging on underfloor heating to reduce the chance of slipping. 

Install grab bars in your tub or on your shower door

One of the bathroom safety tips for kids that has been proven without any doubt is installing grab bars in showers or bathtubs. It makes bath time safer, especially when unsupervised, because they can easily grab the bar when entering or exiting the tub or using the shower. 

Purchase a climber

Your children see you every day using the mirror, either washing your hair or brushing your teeth. They might want to emulate you as they grow older. The only difference is they are not tall enough to use the sink and might resort to climbing the sink or peeking at the mirror on their tippy-toes which puts them at risk of slipping. You will go to bed happier knowing they are not climbing the cabinet when you provide them with a climber. 

Install a bathroom door lock

Sometimes the best way to keep your children safe from the bathroom is to keep them away from the bathroom. One way you can do this is to install a bathroom lock to restrict their access to the bathroom. This is most effective when combined with other safety tips. Find out more about children’s bathroom safety to find other tips you could incorporate for the best results. 

Adequate supervision

More important than any lock or gizmo on this list is your input as a guardian or parent. For example, suppose you have all the childproofing materials fitted in your bathroom but cannot teach your kids the concept of safety and the need to be safe everywhere, especially in the bathroom. In that case, likely, all the above listed would not be as effective. 


There you have it, the most important and, at the same time, easy-to-implement tips that will keep your children safe in the bathroom. Endeavor to use as many of the above-listed tips for a confident and satisfying result.