Our goal at TNCore is simple, to help parents select the best for their child. We have two major sections at the moment.

Gifts: We love gifts and have a dedicated section for kids of all ages and gender. We review the best gifts for kids to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Toys: We have a section dedicated completely to toys reviews for kids. No matter your child’s age of favorite activity, we’ve got them covered in the toy section. As at today, we’ve reviewed over 500 items in different categories for kids of different age.

Games: Our initial focus on this section is board games for kids. We’re interested in games that can help kids develop intellectually. We’ve reviewed hundreds of board games for kids of different ages.

While it is important to keep the kids entertained and educated with toys and games, parents also need all the help they can get in raising their little ones. This is the reason why we introduced the parenting section on the site. Where we reviewed helpful parenting items for both kids and parents.

All the items reviewed on TNCores are picked with careful consideration to dozens of factors that are considered suitable for both parents and kids. The goal is to help develop kids intellectually and physically while keeping them entertained at the same time without causing a dent on your purse.

We hope you have enjoyed looking at all our toys and gift ideas on Tncore.org, but if your still looking for ideas why not check out other gift sites, like a range of gift ideas for kids.